District 14

The USA Softball of Texas is incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas as a non-profit organization whose objectives are to promote organized amateur softball in the State of Texas for all persons regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, or ancestry; to establish uniform softball rules and regulations that can be observed by all members; to educate and train in the proper skills of amateur softball play and rules by promoting, organizing, and conducting clinics, seminars, and training courses. 
USA Softball of Texas is the area of Texas not located in the geographic area of Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Houston. These are called "metro" areas and each has its own ASA organization that is responsible for the ASA operation in that metro to the Amateur Softball Association of America. 

District 14 is composed of Texas counties including Montgomery, Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity, Walker, and parts of Liberty county.