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Pay Fees

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League Individual Registration

League Individual Registration

Email info to District Commissioner


Leage Individual Rgistration

$18.00 Before Marh 1st. $20.00 after March 1st


Team Registration

Team Registration (No Insurance)
30.00 USD

Use this to pay for your Team Registration. This does not include team insurance.
Need to send email to District Commissioner with:
Team Name, Managers Name, Managers Address, Managers Date of Birth, Managers E-mail, Managers Phone Number, and brief description of the team.





Umpire Registration

Umpire Registration
60.00 USD

Umpire Registration. Need to email umpires name, address, phone number, and email address to District Commissioner.

Umpire Registraton



Tournament Sanction Fee

Tournament Sanction Fee
15.00 USD

Please email Tournament info to District Commissioner (There is a form under the forms tab on this website).

Tournament Saction Fee